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3 month old 135 gallon tank

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I planted this tank in November. What does everyone think? There are 3 types of hair grass. I am hoping that this will be a low maintance tank.



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Coolest tank I've seen lately!

I think that the tall hairgrass doesn't add anything to that beautiful aquascape. Even if it was perfectly straight it wouldn't add anything more.

I believe that many people would deem this aquascape an Amano rip-off, but I like it, and I want to do one myself some day.

Agree with Phil, the rock on the left should point to the left.

How do you go about maintenance of the short hairgrass? With lots of light and CO2 it will start to get too dense and eventually will not look good.

The picture will benefit from more detail, not from using a wide angle lens.

To achieve more detail make sure your camera is not shaking when taking the picture (use a tripod and self timer). Also if your camera has a "macro mode" use it - usually (but not always) the macro mode zooms the lens to a length that produces the best lens performance.

Another thing - the green appears yellowish. Adjust the white ballance of your camera to where the yellow is minimal. Also raise the camera even more above the straight line pointing at the tank. That will help with both colors and detail.

Lastly - reduce the exposure a little. You will end up with a bit darker picture but it will have more detail in the overexposed tops of the short hairgrass.

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