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I may not be understanding clearly, but let me know if I am not. I needed to look for what 3 tier was as I have no idea and looking at the web I guess you are planning to have these 3 tanks steping one of top of each other, correct me if I am wrong, I thank you in advance for educating me.

If this is the case, 2 x 4 will be enough as I have look some stands for it. If what you want is to have only front legs an no rear, I suggest the following:
1. You dont need a water proof glue, the assumption is that you wont have any leaks, I recommend you to use NO MORE NAILS GLUE together with Dry wall screws (3 of them) at least #8 x 3", if you do some kind of box joints (either with table saw or Router) will be better, if not I think it will work directly as well using glue and bolts.
2. If you have a good alignment againts the wall, you dont need to have the legs laying forward, the wall strength will always be down (Shear Strenght), be sure to use expansive bolts for the wall the top positions are the most important as these will present lever efect. use at least 2-3 set of bolts at the wall, if you can install this using the same "frame" for 3 tier, it will be actually better.

Again. I may be understanding this wrong, but any way, there is going to be something good in here :)
1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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