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First: don't build the stand to lean at all, in any direction. It is important to keep the tanks level.
Second: don't rely on a single bolt at a connection. Use glue as the primary means of connecting the 2 X 4's, either "Carpenter's Glue" which is a yellow version of the old Elmers white glue, or use construction adhesive, which comes in cartridges for use in a caulking gun. Use bolts or screws to hold the parts together as the glue dries, and as a secondary way to connect the pieces.
Third: Will you have shelves, 3/4" plywood, for example, resting on the 2 X 4's to support the tanks? Even 3/4" plywood will sag in the middle with the weight of the tanks if it doesn't have a "ledger" under it, preferably a 2 x 4 or at least a 2 x 3 on edge. The sagging would leave the tanks supported only by their ends, not a good idea.
1 - 1 of 8 Posts
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