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30" power compact retrofit

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I have a 30" power compact retrofit for sale. Parts are from 30" Orbit fixture.

Parts are from used fixture I bought on Ebay, said to be used for 4 months. I plugged in the parts and they turn on.

Single parabolic reflector with bulb mounts
1x 65w Current USA dual daylight bulb
2x 65w Current USA ballasts

All parts are working now with "4 months of use". There are small bends and minor water spots on reflector that will wash rust or corrosion. The reflector measures 27.5 x 6.5 inches. What you see is what you get. All parts are sold as is with no warranty or returns.

I will include the 65w actinic bulb if you want it.

Price: $25
Shipping: UPS is around $12
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Still for sale...
Sold, to the first person that messaged me. Thank you for the interest everyone.
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