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300L Dutch tank

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I would like to introduce my Dutch tank. It's planted in Feb. 2008 and there have been a lot of changes since my first set up.

The tank dimensions are 120x50x50cm.
Lightning: 6 18 watt T8 840 TL's and 1 30 watt 840 TL. together good for 138 watt.
I used simple sand on the bottom of the tank.
co2 30 bubbles per minute and some fertilizers (Profito, easycarbo, No3 and Po4)

Here is my first set up.

A month later

And now :D

A snap shot of my ballasts.

Comments are very welcom!!
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Looks great, love the reds, and the nice groupings of plants. And your still on DIY CO2?
At this moment?? yes. Because the aquatic store is closed for the holiday I can't fill up my co2 bottle;)
normaly I use a pressured co2 system forem dennerle
Here's a little update again.

I filled up the sand in the tank last week.
There are also some new plants in and some other are out.

All the plants :rolleyes:

The new sand is in.

Putting every thing back in place

finally it turned into this. (after a few days of growing)

Detail of the Lobelia's going around the Blyxa's.

any comments??
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Beatiful! That's a lot of grow for a few days after! Amazing, what are you doing here with Fertz and light.
nothing special :D

138 watt of lightning (philips 4000K and 6500K)
co2. 1 b/s 24/7
no3 and po4 powder stocks, easylife profito and easylife easycarbo. thats all.
made some plant photo's this evening. couldn't keep them away from my thread :D

Rotala rotundifolia making bubbles.

Lotus "red".

L. aromatica (closed because the lights are almost out).
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some picture's of the blyxa novogueensis making flowers :D

without flash

with flash
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Very nice!
love the plant selection and layout.
No comments on the fishes :D

maybe the plants will do it ;)

here´s a new full tank view. shot is made 2 days ago.

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Awsome!! It look truly fanstastic! :clap2:....I like the photo of the barbs swiming in school. too ;)
What a beautiful tank!!:jaw: I like those lush planting! Fantastic work!
Love your tank. How nice it looks. I think I'd like to live there! :D
you need to design my tank! I love it! GREAT JOB
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