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300L Dutch tank

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I would like to introduce my Dutch tank. It's planted in Feb. 2008 and there have been a lot of changes since my first set up.

The tank dimensions are 120x50x50cm.
Lightning: 6 18 watt T8 840 TL's and 1 30 watt 840 TL. together good for 138 watt.
I used simple sand on the bottom of the tank.
co2 30 bubbles per minute and some fertilizers (Profito, easycarbo, No3 and Po4)

Here is my first set up.

A month later

And now :D

A snap shot of my ballasts.

Comments are very welcom!!
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So gorgeous! Is that blyxa alberti? Is that bacopa colorata? What is the low red foreground plant in front of the hygro difformis?
What she said!:D
Yes, thats the auberti.
The Bacopa is the caroliniana.
The little red foreground plant is a new species and has already found his way in Europe.
It's a Alternanthera species and it's grows very very very slow!! About 2 inches in 3-4 months
click here for the little red foreground plant ;)
I thought it looked like an Alternanthera but couldn't understand it's short growth! New species??!!!! Hope I can get that eventually. It's so nice!!!!
Nicely done. Looks very neat!
Very nice tank, mine is junk compared to what beautiful tanks I have seen on here.
Very nice, I like those little green plants in the last picture, and also the variety of colors and textures you have.
Very beautiful tank! Thanks for posting!

I love the contrast between the orderly arranged plants and the background of java fern (is this attached to the back of the tank somehow or just on driftwood that is not visible?).

is this attached to the back of the tank somehow or just on driftwood that is not visible?.
It's attached on some chicken fence.
Some pictures I made the past few weeks.

After the summer I will do a rescape and go nature-style. Here in Holland that kinda style is very rare.
Thats why the hygro difformis and the small alternanthera's are out and a piece of driftwood with narrow split fern is in that corner, I'm already collecting some ferns and other plants and will be adding more and more driftwood cause of the rescape. Almost all the plants in this scape wil move out.
This are the last pics I will show for know. new pics will be placed after the rescape in a new topic ;)

after the summer :cool:
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Beautiful scape! I'm always amazed when I see a quality dutch scape. The commitment to trimming is tremendous with many of these tanks. Thanks for sharing! Good luck with your Nature Aquarium Style
i have to say im not a fan of where the bacopa is kinda takes away from the dramatic look of the pink plant behind it :( other then it looks good just my opinion though
It's tanks like this that makes me wish I was a fish.

Can never have enough Dutch style tanks!
Thnx for posting in this old thread :D

my nature tank is going very well.
there's a thread on this forum called "Eternal dreams" ;)
Miklo, I'm pulling my hat off.. Beautiful!
Where did you find inspiration for dutch style aquascaping?
How long have been keeping this tank, and modulating it?
Could you please elaborate on dosing regimen and water parameters? I'm assuming CO2 is injected right?

P.S. Are you as decadent in life as you are with the plant arrangement? :p
Whaha, yes in real life im almost as decadent as i am with the plant arrangement.

It has been TOTM december 2008. all the things you want to know are told there ;)
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