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Rotala H Ra
Rotala rotundifolia
Rotala Yao Yai
Bacopa Caroliana
Ludwigia Brevipes

Number of stems varies.
Randomly cut and will not be labeled.
For representation only. Not the actual portion for sale.

$20. Add Priority Shipping $9.
I ship everyday except Thursdays and Fridays.
Will ship to default Paypal address only.

Plant Flower Ingredient Petal Leaf vegetable

6x golf ball peacock moss. True Variety
$23. Shipping $9.

Plant Green Terrestrial plant Water Grass

Custom Made CO2 regulator

Swagelok Neddle Valve. Made in USA
Burkert 6011 with buna seal. Made in Germany
Air gas Regulator. Made in USA.

$349 (includes Paypal Fees).
Free Shipping

Product Clock Alarm clock Measuring instrument Font

Watch Product Analog watch Clock Font

Table Clock Wood Measuring instrument Room
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