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45g Planted

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Well thats my 45g tank. I just set it up a few days ago. Here's a bit of information on it -

Bottom layer substrate is Shultz APC.
Top layer plain inert natural colored gravel.

1x96W Bright kit off AH Supply - 10 hour duration.

1 Whisper 2 running at the moment. The second is down because i need a replacement rubber piece to hold on the impellar.

1 - 150w (cheapo that came with the tank)

Unidentified Sword
Jungle Val
Crypt wendtii 'red'
Water Wisteria
Hydrocolyte (spelling error)
Very little ammount of hairgrass

Fish :
5-6 assorted corys
2 Kribensis
2 Black Phantoms
2 Lemon Tetras
1 Angelfish

Any aquascaping suggestions/criticism are welcome. :wink:


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Just give it more time. Once the plants become larger then you can start making design. This is one reason why I like aquascaping so much. The 'picture' doesn't stay the same; it grows and evolves! It's a living art, actually~ Sometimes I don't even have a design at the beginning. I would put something that vaguely resembles what I had in mind. Then, somehow, when the plants have all settled and grown more, I can look at them and make the appropriate design.

First off, I would get rid of the flat-rock you have. Are you using to create a cave for the Kribs? Why not use Robert's coconut shells, there great in that you can conceal them with plants.

That driftwood shape is odd. Maybe you should cut off the three smaller branches and create a sort-of one piece driftwood pointing upwards, "plant" them in the gravel. And then use the larger piece and place it next to other pieces, and point it upwards but make it slanted off to the right.

Thridly, more plants! And enjoy creating your aquascape, it takes time! :)
The slate is actually there to hold down the driftwood so it can soak up a bit of water, thats all. I still think i need more plants to avoid any nasty algae outbreaks. Yah i agree also, its too early to try my hand at aquascaping so ill let this grow in a bit. Thanks for the comments.

1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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