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I have a two year old 48" coralife 4x65w powercompact fixture. it has 6700k bulbs in it that are tired but still working. it has a broken endcap that needs to be replaced, i believe they cost about $2.99 each. the other endcaps could stand to be replaced as well, the copper is a bit corroded. i would recommend cleaning them and using dielectric grease on the lamp pins next time it is plugged in.

it has two separate switches, each of which control two bulbs. we added an additional power cord to control the second switch, so the two pairs of lights can be put on two timers.

the light lays flat on a glass hood and has an aluminum body- i think its got a really cool retro look :) i hated to part with it when i upgraded to t5

the light is free for the taking. i will happily accept any interesting plant cuttings or babies as a parting gift, but not necessary. i live in black rock in bridgeport, ct.

Sorry if i am spamming the board with these "take my stuff!" posts! i would just like to see the light go to a local aquarist rather than in the trash.
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