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Robert, will you provide some additional insight into the 4plex manifold that you offer on your site? The only thing that I have been able to gather through my research efforts is that the manifold is made in America. Do you mind telling me what needle valves are used in the 4plex manifold?

If anyone in our community is using this, I would like to know your experience. This would be a good item to add to the APC reviews section.


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Well, I am not going to say who makes it, I have too many competitors. If you are familiar with the the Clippard needle valve that many people reccomend, these needle valves are much more sensitive and precise than Clippard, and a thousand times more sensitive than either the Milwaukee or JBJ regulator needle valve, (well not literally, but you get the idea!) I do not have any precise technical data on the needle valves themselves like how many turns in relation to bubbles per second or something like that...sorry.

The specs I do have are on my site:

"CO2 manifold flow control with four precision needle valves. Brass 1/8" barbs, stainless steel and anodized aluminum body, electroless nickel plated brass needle stems and Buna-N rubber seals. "

John Wheeler, who has been around these forums for a few years now, beta tested the manifold for me a couple years ago. He said the following:

"The manifold is a real gem. I set it up 2 days after I
got it and haven't touched it since. It's just what I
The needle valves are so precise, and sensitive! It
took a few minutes of tinkering to get then where I
wanted them, but they've held where I left them. The
brass, triple edged barbs get two thumbs up. The
stainless housing allowed me to easily install it to
the inside of my aquarium stand.

Needless to say, I'm keeping it."

Put it this way, this week I got a PO for several of these from the US Army corp of engineers, and they are not using them for aquariums!

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Robert, thank you for the feedback. I understand your desire not to disclose the manufacturer - no big deal. :smile:

You did address what was in the back of my mind. I have not been all that happy with the needle valve supplied with the Milwaukee regulator/valve/bubble counter kit. I'm not disappointed with it, but it could be much better. It tends to take a long time to stabilize any time I make an adjustment.

Thank you again for your insight.
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