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5 gallon and new 2.5 gallon tanks

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As you can tell, my name is Ben. I dont do typical tanks. I have been doing picos for a decade mainly reefs. I just switched over my last pico tank to a planted tank. I need something where im not changing water and pulling everything out once a week. Life has been to buisy. We lost 2 of the dogs we had in the past 4 months. My wifes sharpei about 4 months ago and my older cur aboit a month ago. We now have 2 beautiful aharpei puppies that are almost 6 months old. BUT YOUR HERE FOR THE TANKS LOL.

THIS TANKIS MY 5 gallon. I have had many issuesbut here is some time lapse pics. In the next post
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They really are. Wife has a good eye. I usually just over look guppies. Was going to put them in 2.5 but that is to small for them. But had already changes my mind soon as I got in the car lol. Perfect for the other tank.
I like these “fake goldfish” fish I’ve been seeing recently 😂. Goldfish can be a pain to raise, are aggressive and they eat plants. However goldfish have a certain “look” that’s nostalgic for an aquarium and I like it. Other fish that look like goldfish are catching my attention!
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Tanks are doing well. We have had 2 females together for about a month I believe. The black (Onyxia) was an aggressive female. The first time we tried months ago and had to seperate. Now they get along fairly well. I put onyxia in a plastic bag for a couple days in the tank till I no longer saw the aggression. This seems to have worked really well. I did lose one of the guppies sadly but other 2 are doing well. It is about time to trim some parts and the dwarf babies tears are growing well.
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Both tanks doing well and betas getting along nicely. Both tanks had their first trims which was a pain. Will see how they grow back.
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Alot has happened. With work my health being off and time I havent been able to stay up on maintenance needed. I have downsized to 2 tanks. The bowl and the dispenser. Even that I am finding hard to get time or energy. The 5 gallon was doing great besides some algae.
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this was shortly after a trim a fee months ago. Things really took off and had a thick matt. While some of the matt was healthy, some parts were yellow due to my lack of maintenance.

Here is the bowl currently setup.
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