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Just returned the other day from a prolonged trip to find all fish alive and healthy. I decided to rely on an automatic feeder rather than a noob handling things during my absence. Did some trial and error with enough time to work out corrections before I left, so I was confident fish would neither starve nor drown in food.

The feeder I relied on is an Eheim Everyday Feeder unit with a built in fan for ventilation. Food (Hikari micro pellets) stayed dry and fresh, no caking. I am excited with these results since humidity is rather a problem in my climate zone.

The other variables (evaporation was way less than I thought it would be. I had someone on standby in any emergency situation who could have added more water) and lack of water changes during my absence did not cause harm as far as I can say three days after arrival. Naturally, I performed a wc already. The tank is a 10G, glass canopy, plenty of live plants and 5 white skirt tetras (Glofish variant) and 7 glowlight tetras. External canister filter inside a self made chiller for cooler water temperatures and an air stone helped running the show without a flaw.

In essence, if need to be, with some prepping it can be done and any trip less than a month should not cause major problems. Naturally, every tank is different.
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