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5 x 1" Melanotaenia parva rainbowfish FS *SOLD*

Hi everyone. I've been waiting to sell these fish at our next CAFE (columbus fish club) meeting/auction, but with more growing quickly and needing space, I'm going to sell a few on here.

You will get 5 juvie (~1" TL) Melanotaenia parva "Dwarf Flame" Rainbowfish.
They are tank raised by me.
No disease, no deformities.
Mixed sexes.

Pic of one my adult males; (juvies will be drab until 1.5-2" on males):

These fish get about 3.5" TL.
Kept in neutral tap water.
Will eat small shrimps, but leave my adult RCS alone.
Perfect for a smaller aquarium due to their small size.
Color is brilliant in the mornings! As all rainbows, they get drab as the day wears on.
I call them orange, many call them red in color. The photo shows a breeding male in afternoon dress.
Breed daily (as adults of course).
Compatible with lots of other fish; ask if you're not sure.
Plant safe.
Good beginner R'bow.


One group available.

Questions? Ask!
No eggs available at this time.


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WOW! I can't believe no one has jumped on this beautiful, smaller rainbowfish yet! A rarer one to boot!

I saw this late last night before bed, trying to resist. Still available in the A.M.!
Ugh, okay, sending PM.

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woohoo! Now I won't be tempted either. Dibs on fry!
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