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50gal Ugly Tank

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This thread will waste your time! Go away!
Still here? You have been warned....

I am setting up this 50 gal solely to grow out plants, test different soil mixes and try my hand at some DIY. The plan is to fill up the tank with 30 gallons of water and grow some Tropica swords, moss, pellia emersed, and as the plants fill out plant them submersed. So basically a paludarium/growout/DIY experiment tank.

Quick stats:
50 gallon aquarium
2 x 32 watt T8 elcheapo 6,500k
Fountain pump
3.75 cups Topsoil with 1/2 cup bone meal (3-15-0)

#1. No laughing in this thread, I take this hobby very seriously.:tape2:
#2. No talking about anything on topic, this tank will be boring and a waste of breath.:(
#3. Go back to #1.:confused:

Let the journey begin!
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Bob Villa and Martha Stewart have a place for you in their hearts!
So far it looks awesome!
I hope Cobra Commander feels better soon! :wave:
I should print all this out and read it to my daughter for a bedtime story. It's almost like the Superbowl. You stay tuned just for the commercials....what's the theme of this thread again? :lol:

I wish I had half the creativity!
Not to insult your intelligence. There should be a picture of a flower by or on one of your camera buttons. That is for macro photography. Just push that button, you should see a flower icon on your screen. There you go. :) (Didn't know if you knew that)

edit:I'm wondering if you just need some more plants, but also are you "feeding" your plants anything? I haven't seen any fish. So I'm thinking the bacterial process to produce nutrients in your substrate isn't kicking in so your plants aren't working to their potential. That's why you have the film. Just my thoughts.
1 - 3 of 225 Posts
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