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50gal Ugly Tank

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This thread will waste your time! Go away!
Still here? You have been warned....

I am setting up this 50 gal solely to grow out plants, test different soil mixes and try my hand at some DIY. The plan is to fill up the tank with 30 gallons of water and grow some Tropica swords, moss, pellia emersed, and as the plants fill out plant them submersed. So basically a paludarium/growout/DIY experiment tank.

Quick stats:
50 gallon aquarium
2 x 32 watt T8 elcheapo 6,500k
Fountain pump
3.75 cups Topsoil with 1/2 cup bone meal (3-15-0)

#1. No laughing in this thread, I take this hobby very seriously.:tape2:
#2. No talking about anything on topic, this tank will be boring and a waste of breath.:(
#3. Go back to #1.:confused:

Let the journey begin!
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I hope the Commander has learned not to take on General Kitty Foo Foo. He misjudged him mightily- just because of the name!
sargent slaughter has a bone to pick with the commander, look out!!!!

Maybe General Kitty Foo Foo and the Commander can become allies to face Sergeant Slaughter?!
Who is General Kitty Foo Foo?
See the last px in post 5. I think that must be his name... sounds right to me!!
So nice to see that the commander and the General have made peace. Sergeant Slaughter won't have a chance. Now I know why the Commander was reading about the "Ariel Advantage" That must be where General Kitty Foo Foo comes in. S.Slaughter won't know what hit him!

So why aren't you filling up your tank? You could still have a moss wall, but submersed.
Your moss is doing great. What is the other moss which is growing straight up? Is it flame moss?
Very neat! Congrats on the fry! I love babies!! :D
1 - 7 of 225 Posts
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