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50gal Ugly Tank

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This thread will waste your time! Go away!
Still here? You have been warned....

I am setting up this 50 gal solely to grow out plants, test different soil mixes and try my hand at some DIY. The plan is to fill up the tank with 30 gallons of water and grow some Tropica swords, moss, pellia emersed, and as the plants fill out plant them submersed. So basically a paludarium/growout/DIY experiment tank.

Quick stats:
50 gallon aquarium
2 x 32 watt T8 elcheapo 6,500k
Fountain pump
3.75 cups Topsoil with 1/2 cup bone meal (3-15-0)

#1. No laughing in this thread, I take this hobby very seriously.:tape2:
#2. No talking about anything on topic, this tank will be boring and a waste of breath.:(
#3. Go back to #1.:confused:

Let the journey begin!
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you have a wonderfully ugly tank! Keep up the pics, keep up with the humour.
hey, you are prettifying it....

Lord Starscream likes it.

that robot it a type of lego?

I do that sort of thing from time to time on my own website... so minor highjack.

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would those work in a brackish tank?
So, the addition of phosphate bearing bone meal into the tank and cap it with flourite? that would work?
excellent article. I am bookmarking that.

make some fert balls might be good.
So the purpose of this tank is a progation tank?

I was thinking of doing that with my other tank. I just need lights and some way to get it working. But I was not planning on doing that until my tank reset. I was thinking of using my current inert subtrate in it, put my shrump in it for the time being until the flourite and the main tank stabalises. I was thinking propagation so I might....keep my hobby fed.
it probably is as type of fungus. if it is what I think it is, it is because the tank isn't cycled yet and the bacteria in a cycled tank will out compete it.
I get the webby fungusy stuff on driftwood sometimes. it goes away or I unlease snails on it.
I know what you are thinking right now, you are probably saying "Gee zer0zax, we know you like taking pictures and have entirely to much time on your hands, but what does this have to do with planted aquariums?" Well, the simple answer is EVERYTHING! Planted aquariums are love & hate, peace & war, all rolled into one! If you do to much or to little and don't weigh the consequences, bad stuff starts to happen! Pay attention so this doesn't happen to YOU!
And knowing is half the battle YO JOE!
My trumpet snails like it. One's pretty large now. they burrow quite merrily and I saw one baby being born... or more like dropped into the world.

Anyway, All hail lord Starscream again... :p

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I read it all. trick or treat!
I make them every year. Last year was Sunstorm and the great pumpkin.
I found blue coloured "beads" in my spagnum moss.
make sure you have a thick thick layer over the UGF, the back of my tank was at least 3 inches. It's using a powerhead.
I often add pills as suppliments below the roots of heavy feeders such as my lotus, swords, apongeton and whatever else. It seems to work. I use calcium/magnesium and iron.
there are some addatives to the iron pills. Mostly pure organic in nature.

The calcium/magesium is pure dolomite.
interesting and curiouser.
Its an interesting mass of plants and things. Another note about willow. that is where asprin originates. So I am sure the plants didn't feel any pain when you chewed them up so mercilessly. :p
AAAH is that where it comes from? I had hydra once... nasty nasty. I'll check in canada for Permanganate...not entirely sure if we have it avail like americans might. I had issues getting hold of panacur.
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