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55 Gallon Journal

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I've had this tank going for about year now. Thought I'd make a progression of pics all in one place to share. I got the tank and a digital camera for x-mas in '03. The camera is a Sony DSC-P32. The tank and the camera are both good learning experiences.

Tank Specs:
55 Gallon AGA 48"x12"x20"
DIY hood with 284 watts
DIY Yeast CO2, 2-2l. bottles
changed to pressurized 1 bps
Substrate- Schultz Clay soil conditioner

ph- 7.2
kh- 12

Hope you enjoy,
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Very nice! I like your tank designing. Lots of changes in a short period of time! Fast, lush growth.
Nice slideshow. I like pic #17 the best. Looks like you had fun building that light hood, you should be proud of it.
Thanks for the kind comments. I did end up leaving it like the last pic, (#17) with the wood leaning up. Most of my crypts didn't like the move and are losing half of their leaves, but new ones are starting to grow already.
Steve T.
Updated 5-1-05


it never stays the same for long.......

Do you all think I change my scape too often?
Steve T.
Wow that tank has gone through many many changes, thats nice. Did you ever have spikes after you took out so much plants? It's really cool that you're testing out many different styles of aquascaping.
1 - 8 of 8 Posts
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