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I need to sell my 55 Gallon Freshwater Planted Aquarium. I dont want to, but I'm moving and the new landlord wont allow it. My setup is as follows:

A Coralife fixture with 4x65w PC bulbs on one cord, Rena XP3 filter & media, all plants, heater, 2 small pieces of driftwood (lower left). It also has the best substrate for plants on the market, ADA Aquasoil, with ADA Powersand under it.

Current plants are as follows:
- Bacopa Monnieri
- Ludwigia Repens
- Ludwigia Cuba
- Amazon sward
- Java fern 'needle leaf'
- Banana Plant
- Java Moss (on driftwood)
- Spiral Vals
- Duckweed
- A long sward (name excapes me)

Expensive plants are as follows:
- Anubias Barteri
- Aponogeton madagascariensis
- Crinum calamistratum

Additional options are:
- 4x65 watt coralife PC fixture with 3 cords (Gives control, and the ability to use timers for each bank of lights + night lights)
- 4x54 watt Deep Blue T5 fixture, timers built into the fixture)
- Compressed Co2 tank, regulator, and inline Co2 diffuser. (Helps plant growth in numerious ways)
- Large driftwood piece on right.

For fish I have:
2 - Oto catfish
1 - triple red cacatuoides dwarf cichlid female
1- flordia flag fish male

Sorry for the bad cell phone pic, I'm in the process of moving and cannot find my DSLR or my other digital camera at this time. I'd be willing to sell/trade the Aponogeton madagascariensis & Crinum calamistratum for the right price or plant
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