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You just need to cut the shrubs that are starting to block the view of the tank from outside!


My other tanks are full of hundreds of fish and snails, haha. I wish you where here to see the fish - all small and rare.

What is truly spectacular is the 180 though. It has no plants if you don't count the non-growing Bolbitis in the center. It has less than 1 wpg of light and no CO2. If you wonder what's spectacular about it there is a lot to say - there is a very nice branchy driftwood arrangement that spreads in all directions, there are rocks at the base of the wood that look very natural... And there are about 300 congo tetras in there. They swim in a way that we are used to see on TV - schooling and breaking the school, bunching together if they imagine they saw food and so on. There are also about 15 huge Sterbai corries and some Amano shrimp. This tank is visible from the street and literally stops trafic - people stop and look at it from the street. Not bad for a sand/wood/fish tank!

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