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5G aquarium with Marineland C-160

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hi everybody,

I'm trying to setup a planted aquarium. I've a got a small Fluval 5G tank. Removed its stock filter and installed the Marineland C-160. I noticed how well it worked and how quickly it cleaned the water literally in minutes. I used to have some old/rotted plants in this tank which I abandoned several months ago, and just hooked up the filter to let it cycle and accumulate some bacterias.

My question is whether this filter is an overkill for this kind of small tank? I'm planning to heavily plant it with "grass" and maybe some high plants, and also use some ADA rocks. Also will want to put some shrimps and a betta fish there. Will the flow be too much for the plants and the betta? I'd appreciate any feedback.

Also, I don't really like the stock inflow and outflow pipes and want to change them to ADA like glass lily pipes. Though I cant find ones that would match the filter tube diameter (~16mm). Would you recommend getting 13mm lily pipes and just use some kind of "adapter" to hookup? Also will the more narrow pipe reduce the flow rate of the filter?

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I personally like large canister filters in my tank. they are not overkill.
the only issue you would have is strong output which I think can be remedied by lily pipes.
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