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6 Way HEX Manifold CO2 Splitter

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I'm looking for the cheapest deal online w/ all 6 bubble counters and needle valves. Anybody seen any good deals lately? ~$170 is what I've seen new.
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Hi NeonRob,

Hope this helps! About 20 days for delivery, verify they have in stock before ordering.
I prefer to buy American, since I never know what I will receive from Asia.

I'm not familiar with Dave Gomberg.
Here's Dave:

500th System special! In celebration of our 500th system sale (more than any other system in the USA), we offer:
6 Eheim diffusors and 6 Fabco needle valves for $200 postpaid

Save 33%, add compressed CO2 to your other tanks. And we will include 60 feet of PVC thick-wall tubing, good for CO2, and 6 tee adaptors to let you complete your system easily. No manifold needed.

No affiliation, I bought my CO2 stuff from him years ago.
1 - 5 of 5 Posts
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