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60cm - kind of a magical feeling

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hey everyone!!!

i have a new layout. this time i wanted do try lots and lots of riccia covering a complex wood structure.

this is the result

still hasn't reached 1 month old but it's going really well. the ADA substrate does wonders!!!

take care
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AMG looks amazing that riccia!

only a comment i think that need more contrast in the midground !!

cheers from mexico
Excellent tank, Space Cowboy. I'd be interested in knowing the specs of the tank also.
ok the specs are:
size 60x30x35cm
light 3x24W T5 daylight (10hours a day)
substrate ADA Aquasoil Amazonia 9L + Powersand special S
CO2 pressurized bottle with glass difuser 30mm 1b/second
filter Eheim 2213 with glass inflow/outflow
riccia fluitans!!!
eleocharis parvula
hydrocotyle sibthorpioides
cyperus helferi

paracheirodon simulans
elassoma evargladei
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does putting riccia on driftwood mean you have to take it out every couple weeks to replant them?
does putting riccia on driftwood mean you have to take it out every couple weeks to replant them?
no plant lives forever so eventualy the lower portions of riccia will die and it might get loose. don't know when it'll happen i guess it depends on how much light reaches there

here is a photo without pearling
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u could always trim it to a certain height so that the bottom will not rot completely and come loose.

nice tank! must truly look magical when all of that riccia pearls.
hi Pedro, is that Green Tetra fish?

They looks so nice....
It's very hard to get those fish in here....
That's really nice! Ur tanks just needs a bit time to full fill the hairgrass on the ground. How ofen do you need to prune the riccia?
Volkracing99 the fish are Paracheirodon Simulans they're like innesi neons but without the red stripe.
cotranchau i'm allways ajusting the riccia's shape and so far i only had to do one large trim to prevent it from rottening
here's an update:

the fish where all hiding in the back
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Hi friend,

That picture is amazing, great quality! About the layout, you are the riccia man, very healthy.


Luís Moniz
Thats wild man, very clean and with a chaotic look to it which I love.

Also, the clover looking plant that just pops up randomly really adds to this design for me.

Good deal.
I love it! I love the greenness - no reds needed here. Any closeups of the Hypocotyl? I was thinking of planted that species. I liked the last picture a little more where you could see more of the wood and its structure.
looks like a monster...i'm thinking trashheap from fraggle rock...except green and not a brown pile of trash and dead
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