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60cm , la clairiere

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here is a 60cm tank , nearly finished .

tanks specs : 60*30*36 , 65L , co2 2 bps , light 36W (0.5W/L)
ferts:brightyK , step2 , special shade , eca , phyton-git

i'll wait a bit more for the lilaeopsis to cover all of the ground , hope you like it ;)

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I like it. Nice clean lines,& the driftwood shapes really draw your attention. The Serpaes are a bright accent.
i like it !!

but i think that more moss on DW will make it look better!
yeah, when that moss fills in, its gonna be really nice looking.
The balance, placing and shape of the driftwood is perfect. This will be very interesting to follow.
thank you for your comments ;)

Ivanmx , i'm not planning on putting more moss , i would like to keep the wood present , with more moss i think it would look too "green" ;)

i'm trying with a white background but i'm having some difficulties to get good pictures , i'll post some when the result will be satisfying ...;)

i'm also planning to do some evolutions with plants in the background once this version will be finished , certainly some valisneria , anyways , i'll keep posting ;)
a try with a white background , not perfect yet , i'll try tio do better next time

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