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60L new lay out

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here is the new lay out for my 60L tank , i made it quite simple , 4 plants varieties , lilaeopsis , crypto wendtii 'green' , crypto parva , moss . now i have to wait for the plants to grow ....might take a while with the lilaeopsis ....

for the technical part , eheim 2232 , pressurised co2 , 2*18W , aquasoil

hope you like it

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Very impressive DW layout and I love the crypt. wendtii. Yes, the foreground plants will take sometime to thrive. Keep us update. Thanks for the sharing.
Looks good the CO2 and good light will fill your tank faster than you know...

thank you for your comments:)

jtburf , i hope it will be fast , but even with co2 and good light ratio , lilaeopsis is a very slow plant compared to glosso or HC , i guess it will take a few month to get it done;)
Your tank looks great, can't wait for the updates!
a few more pics tonight , i changed a bit the settings of my camera i like it better that way:yawinkle:

hope you like it:yawinkle:
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