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60l Planted tank- By André Nóbrega.

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This is my 60l planted tank.
The pictures have been taken yesterday.
Picture edited 30/12/2004

Best regards: André Daniel Nóbrega.
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Very good!
Picture edited!
what are the specs? what kind of light is that? It looks great!
Hygrophila polysperma
Echinodorus tennelus "red"
Glossostigma elatinoides

Paracheiradon innesi
Tanichtis albonubes
Crossocheilus siamensis
Ottocinclus affinis.

The light, is a 70W HQI, in a halogen reflector. (4200K)
Nice tank, where's the filter? Is he running a co2 system on that tank?

I use a filter, that has been taken for the photo, and the CO2 sistem (yeast mode) too.
I see, will great work mate. I'd like my tank to be something similar to that, but except less foreground plants. I'm not sure of my APC is able to grow that ammount of plants, but we'll see.

I plan on buying a co2 system, making one seems difficult and sometimes doesn't react.
1 - 11 of 11 Posts
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