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60P ADA tank

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I thought I would share my 18 gallon ADA tank. Enjoy the pictures. This tank has gone through a lot of morphs. It used to be a stem only tank, to a very boring neddleleaf to anubias nana petite only tank. This is what the tank look like Monday.

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Here is a list of plants:
Crypt "Rosanervig"
needleleaf java fern
hitch hiker Blyxa in the back
Hygrophila difformis "variegated"--this plant has some nice white vein but when I start dosing some macro and micro it starts to get reddish/purplish/moronish color leaves including the vein.
Hygrophila sp. "Rio Araguaia" or sp. Roraima.. I can't really tell
Eleocharis sp."Belem"

I have only one fish and the rest are wild cherries, red shrimps, 1 yellow shrimp
Gorgeous tank!

How much lighting do you have there? Were you able to bring out the red veins in your crypt?
I have 2x65watts PC.. too much light so no red veins :( If I might try 1x65watts and see if it will develop red veins but then I'm afraid for my foreground plants not growing.
beautiful tank, i like your shrimp too
Thanks! This is what it used to look like:
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Are you injecting co2?
Yes! I am injecting CO2 but I don't dose regularity.
Your tank surprises me. I would think Hygrophila difformis would be practically unusable in an aquascape. Especially a Nature Aquarium type one. You've done well with it. Good Job!
Thanks! I thought so too but I like the way the veins (white) look and how it looks when it's at the top. The whole leaves turn reddish! I just did a big trim of that plant today and sending some out to friend. I hope it grows well for them. I am also thinking about taking it all out and just don't grow any tall growing stem.
1 - 7 of 12 Posts
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