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65L alternative take

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hi , here's a new tank , this one is to be an iwagumi , the stem plants are just here to avoid algae , but as it looks kind of good like that i post some pics of it , the iwagumi version , all in eleocharis parvula should come next month , no hardscape changes , i will only remove the stem plants and turn the population to simulans (green neon) only .

hope you like it anyways.

60*30*36 , 65Liters
light: 36Watts
co2: 1bps industrial
ferts:step1 , brightyK (special light at water changes 1/3 a week)

a few closer pics

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Leave the stem plants! This aquaascape is so refreshing to look at, great job.
This is a very simple and well executed aquascape. I just suggest you let the stem plants grow up and out. Hairgrass reminds me of a meadow.
Man, you should totally leave it, it's beautiful imo.
Really nice to look at .
Forget the iwagumi, the tank is beautiful with the stems!

If it was me I'd try to tweak the appearance of the stems a little so they look just a tiny little bit ordred. For example the red stem plant in front, the one with the big red leaves doesn't feel exactly right growing there.

Other than that - NICE!

Interesting scape! Lots of different leaf types makes this really cool :)
I agree about the stems. There are so many iwagumi tanks out there. This is a nice twist! :D
thank you for your comments:)

i will finish this version before to do the iwagumi , i have to work on the left part of the bush , myriophilum does not seem to integrate the bush , it looks too much "separate" , i put some differents stem plants in the myriophilum part (some sp green and indica) .

here's a better picture of the left part , still not perfect's kind of hard to do some nice macro shots with my camera ...i'm working on it

a picture of the full installation , nothing really fancy , no ADA stuff , i try to keep it simple and clean (and cheap), i inject co2 directly into the filter's aspiration , seems to be pretty efficient;)

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WOW ... amazing ... cool rocks
The rocks are really nice and fit this layout with the hair grass well. I to agree the stem plant bring life to the scape and keep it interesting.
I personally have never really seen the appeal of Iwagumi...just looks too stark and plain. This tank, though, really pops. Love all the colours and textures you've used.

Reckon you should just leave it also. Looks sweet, as is.
It really has a wonderful sense of space. I vote for keep the Rotala's in too! What is the depth of the substrate from front to back?

All this with only 36 watts of T5(??) lighting?
thank you for your comments:D

seems like nobody wants me to turn it to an iwagumi:Cry: i'll work a bit more on the stem plants parts and i'll see what i'll do;)

Bunbuku , the light are 36W in T8 ;)
the substrate is 3 cm thick in the front and 15 cm in the back (on the left behind the rock);)
I like the stems. Probably because they are refreshing in an Iwagumi.

However, you can remove them once you get bored and completely transform the whole layout into a classic minimalist composition. P. simulans would suit perfectly.

The hardscape is lovely.

Good job.
Great to create the contrast between hair grass and colorful stem plant in this Iwagumi layout...
Lovely tank with clean lines and fresh colors. It really "rocks"! ;) May I ask you what kind of light do you use ?
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