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6g Led Tank

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This is a neeeew 6g tank I just set up recently. The Lighting as mentioned are LEDs and was a DIY project and very easy to complete after I'd read up on the method on various reefing forums. These lights are still a little uncommon among freshwater but I can tell you that so far the ripple effect and color temperature has me satisfied! I got the leds and the driver from I'm using 2x 3w cool white xpgs and 1xwarmwhite xre, and the driver is a meanwell LPC 35-700. Believe this should be sufficient light for my 6g but hope its enough for my rotala color up nicely.
To hold up the piece of aluminum heatsink that I mounted my LEDs on I just bent a piece of thick enough aluminum to a right angle, placed the LED heatsink on top and epoxied them together. Finally screwed the thing onto the back of my shelf. Easy! cool..
Going to be using a diy yeast Co2 setup with a nano differ for Co2 and dosing flourish excel occasionally and adding some regular flourish.

The Rocks are actually petrified wood I found on Ebay from a seller called kdd1957 and the substrate is pool filter sand.
So far I've only got some anubias planted but soon I'll be planting some rotala rotundifolia along the background and adding some Taiwan moss.

Waiting for my lfs to receive next shipment so I can grab an Indian dwarf puffer or two if they get male and females. If for whatever reason that doesn't work I may get a few neon tetra.

Thats all for now and thanks for checking out my thread.


The Leds and heatsink on the aluminum arm:

My filter with some clear acrylic teeth cut from a hatching box divider making it almost like a hang on the back refugium. I want to put some ludwigia in there to grow emmersed:

Where I screw the aluminum arm holding the heatsink to my shelf:
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love the the LEDs :D

please keep us updated on how the plants grow under LED :)
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