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I recently scored an awesome deal on a 75 gal (lets just say the driftwood that came with it would probably cost more than what I paid for the tank, though I'm not using the driftwood... it was a little overpowering and took up a lot of space). Basically it was cheap because it is definately not show quality :heh: the blue silicon sort of ruins it for that. And now I've scored an equally awesome deal on some plants and I just hope that (i) I can keep them alive (ii) arrange them in a nice looking scape.

I'm sort of new to planted tanks. I've kept plants and they've lived through a lot (0.5W/gal, more brown algae than I want to remember) but these were all easy plants. I've done a lot of reading but haven't really gotten to try most of these things out yet - which in my mind makes me a noob, especially given the list of plants (later on) that I'll be getting soon. I'm really worried I won't actually be able to make them look great for me.

Anyway, stats:
2.1 W/gal
play sand.

Will be adding:
PMDD ferts
DIY CO2 (to be replaced in the fall)
more light. (eventually 3x 48" striplights with total 6 6500K 40W T12 strips for 3.2W/gal)

Here's what I've got so far for plants:
Anubias nana, barteri
hygro polysperma
rotala indica
ludwigia repens
sag sub
couple of small lotus plants (green w/ red)
crypt wendtii green
crypt willissii
a big sword
3 small swords of a different type.

The tank as is:

looks really green! but that will change.

Plants I'm getting tomorrow (won't get to plant until Saturday though):
A. reneickii ***
L. sessiflora
H. corymbosa *
H. 'Rose' **
Watersprite *
L. cardinalis **
B. japonica **
B. moneri
L. aromatica ***
H. micranthemoides **
Glosso **
L. brasiliensis
F. fontanus
('Starter portions' of each)

Anubias coffeefolia, angustifolia and congensis
hygro siamensis narrow
red melon sword *
glosso **
(larger portions)

I don't know if I'm going to try and put all these in here, I'll probably sell off some things I already have to make room and move some of the lower light plants to my 15gal - number of stars ranging from 0-3 indicates likelyhood that any of them will actually find a home here in the long run (all will start out here until I have enough to really start to scape).

General idea:
A. reneickii to the right of the rotala (note the tape onat the bottom of the stand - they mark out the 1/3 and the golden ratio - this will be centered between those two at the back of the tank.
L. aromatica in front of the a. reneickii behind most of the anubias patch, mound shape. Also in front of the rotala to some extent, shorter.
might but one of the hygros other than sunset behind the aromatica (and beside the reneickii). Maybe siamensis since it's got darker leaves than polysperma. maybe corymbosa, going to have to see them beside each other first.
Glosso carpet accross the front
HM for midground but to start out since I won't have much of it mostly around the red melon sword.
one of watersprite or sessiflora behind the lotus for contrast, leaning towards the watersprite though.
umm... ! I am definately slightly intimidated by this list. I'm going to have to wait and see how the plants look together.

On Saturday I will post updated pictures of the tank with the new plants in it. Any ideas for plant placement before then is much appreciated (or relating to other aspects of the design/setup)

Thanks for looking.

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It is hard to see how deep the substrate is from the photo. So, is it over 2 inches deep? If not, I suggest adding more to reach at least that depth.

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it is towards the back, slopes down toward the front (too much). I've got some more sand I'm going to add once I get to planting the new plants (even as close to the front as the crypts are where it is close to 2" it's not really enough) part of the reason it's as low as it is is that as I was planting the back I kept needing more sand and just borrowed from the front since I didn't have any foreground plants yet.
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