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I've been researching the same thing for the past 2 months for my 38 gal tank. Of all the articles that I've read so far, here is the summary of my understanding:
  1. Metal Halide
    • Features: Extremely bright
    • CONs: Generates a lot of heat, Very expensive
  2. T5HO
    • Features: Very Bright (less than Metal Halide), Great Price/Performance ratio, Does not generate much heat
    • CONs: Not very compact
  3. Power Compact
    • Features: Not as bright as T5HO, Compact sizes
    • CONs: Generates more heat
Based on my research, I'm leaning towards buying a T5HO fixture for my tank. Either the Hagen GLO or the Nova Extreme Freshwater.

Also, curious to see if other have any different opinions or findings.

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