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Definitely pressurized!

Get your own 5 or 10lb cylinder at a local welding shop. A lot of places don't actually refill cylinders but prefer to exchange them. If you pay for a shiny new cylinder, it may be swapped out for an old one when you need to get it filled.

JBJ and Milwaukee both offer "all-in-one" regulators with similar pricing and warranties. Some have reported having problems with contacting JBJ regarding warranty issues. You can do a search on either (JBJ or Milwaukee) for some more reading. Plenty has been mentioned on this site about them.

I wouldn't waste my money on a complete system (Tank, regulator, diffuser/reactor, etc) at some of the on line retailers. You can find a system much cheaper if you do a bit of the footwork yourself.

You should check out the sponsors of this site. Some of them offer regulators and reactors and may save you a bit on the shipping if you purchase both from the same retailer.
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