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Well I just started a new tank - here are the specs

By the way here is the stats on this tank

Tank - ADA 90P
Stand - ADA Look-a-like stand that I had custom made
bottom layer : Tourmaline BC
2nd layer - 1 bag power sand
3rd layer - 3 bags ADA Aquasoil
Pressured CO2 - using a Aquamedica Reactor 1000
ADA glass Lilly Pipes (inflow, and outflow)
Eheim 2217 Filter
ADA Clear tubing - for inflow, and outlflow
ADA Grand Solar 1 light (this is the most expense light I have ever bought by the way...but it's awesome)
ADA Grand Solar 1 light stand
ADA Ferts - Step1, Brighty K, Special Lights, ECA, Green Gain, Green Bactar
Also using All ADA filter Media (Palm Net, Bio Rio, Bamboo Charcoal, NA Carbon)
Regulator from Orlando - his best one (for co2)
co2 - 20 pound tank
aquimedic reactor 1000 (for co2 diffusion)
ADA Garden Mat
ADA Pro-Pincettes M with grip (tweezers) (for larger stem plants)
ADA Pro-Pincettes M (tweezers) (for small plants)
ADA Pro-Scissors - curve type
ADA Brighty K, Step 1, Special lights, ECA, Green Gain, Green Bacatar for ferts

Here are some recent pictures. I am growing HC in the front and hair grass in the back. Now I"m just waiting for the cycle to be over so I can add fish. I will be waiting about a month. Just a waiting game now..

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Hey orlando - if you click on the link above you can see the full journal -
for some reason I can't post pictures here -
check out the journal and tell me what you think there...
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