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9325K The Difference

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I came here to research lighting for this tank and my new one. I heard so many good things about the GE 9325K here that I decided to replace my bulbs with those. So, at the advice of many here I ordered one of those and 1 Coralife Trichromatic (6500K, I think).
The difference is incredible. Thanks guys!
(sorry...the pics are a little blurry...but you can see the lighting difference)

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Where did you get those frameless tanks ?

Here is more 9325K vs. 6700K samples (*those tanks are not mine)



And another link
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I got my tank from my brother-in-law...and he got it from a friend. I don't know where it came from originally. But I did see one on Ebay:

Also, there was a place online that made acrylic tanks that had some like it...I just need to find the link
Ok, I found it. It is the "Clear for Life Aquarium" "The tube"

Here is a comparison that I did. The white balance wasn't adjusted as a basis. All photos are with the same aperature, shutter and white balance setting.

1) 5000K/6700L



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Glad to see your happy with the bulbs. I prefer a mix of 9325K and 6700K.

I intend to try a 10K in the place of 6700K and see how that goes, but have not got around to it yet.
Anybody know of any good Metal halid bulbs doing the same? I would love to get that red color in my tank! I have 4x70W of MH lights, all 5200kelvin bulbs with Rx7 socket. I know there are 10,000kelvin and 13,000 kelvin bulbs, but most of the light here is in the blue range. Would this be OK for my plantet tank?
If only they made them in 96w format...:roll:

See if your ballast can run High Pressure Sodium Bulbs. They have the red spectrum you seem to be looking for. No MH will have that. By nature they are very much in the blue. If you get a bulb you like the visible light output from in the 4000K to 10000K, they will be fine for your plants. The popular choices these days are 5500K and 6500K. The latter less yellow, and probably your best bet.


Check GE's website, they might now :D If not, there is always Retrofits :lol:
I really like the look of these bulbs but can they be had in NO florescent or are they only avaliable in CF? Is the a regular t-8 or t-12 bulb that is comparable to the GE 9325's?
They can be had in the form of NO. Not only can they be had, but you can have better!! :D

Look for Zoo Med's Flora Sun, T-8 in whatever length you need. As far as I know, they have the highest peak in the red spectrum of any bulb out there. It's a TOP quality product. If my memory serves me correct, it's over 650nm!!!!!! 8)
Thanks Justin. What K are te zoo meds?
Off the top of my head I want to say somewhere around 8800K. That might not be 100% accurate, but is somewhat inconsequential.

The red peak and the visible light output are the two main things your after, and this bulb provides them better then any other. :D
The only "problem" I had with the 9325k bulbs is they didn't bring out the color in my Neon tetras at all.

The 20w Eclipse Natural Daylight bulb I added for dusk/dawn really makes the Neons glow though.
Alright, I'm sold on the 9325K bulbs. Does anyone know where to get them in 96 watts?
Sorry Error but the 9325k bulbs are a GE product and they only make it in 55 watts Power compact. They make 9325k normal output florescents in all the standard bulb wattages. They are called Aqua Rays. Drs. Foster and Smith have them on their website. You will wna the fresh and saltwater bulbs:) Hope this helps.
Where do you guys think the best place to get the 9325K GE bulbs is? My usual place doesn't carry them, but now my interest is piqued and I think I will at least try them on one of my tanks that needs a replacement bulb soon. A couple of the places I looked for them were charging what I would consider excessive prices ($40 for a 55 watt CF bulb...not including shipping??!! I don't think so...)

Just to interject something here. I like URI's AquaSun VHO bulbs for color rendition and much prefer them to any PC bulbs I've used. I'm a cinematographer, so 'color' of light is important to me. Can't understand why people are so reved up about PC lighting. With an IceCap ballast I get more light per watt out of my AquaSun bulbs (yes, I've checked it w/a meter), beautiful color rendition, much less heat and they last much longer before a significant drop in output. Plants seem to do as well.


Thanks for the tip about metal halides. I've been running 2 175 5500K bulbs in a 30" deep tank and always thought the light looked a little yellow/green.

So the 6500K should look a little whiter?

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