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The key to using it is not to wash it out. Instead, pour it on to a sheet or into a large container, cover with water and allow to stand for a day. Then allow the water to evaporate. This will bind the smaller particles to the larger ones and you will have no flourite cloud to deal with. Let the Flourite dry completely.

I discovered this by accident. I had a new 20g high aquarium, placed Flourite in it and then squeezed out a cannister filter sponge from another tank onto the Flourite and added some water, barely enough to cover the Flourite. I got distracted (someone was ill and I had to attend hospital...) and the Flourite dried out over several days. It was a little pungent but when completely dry was odorless. I then added some sand to the front of the aquarium and capped some of the Flourite with sand and filled the tank with water. Not one particle, no cloud whatsoever....

Andrew Cribb
1 - 2 of 2 Posts
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