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Took a stroll around this cool garden. Minus the scorching weather, everything was sweet in the garden. Definitely will go back around Fall, and we didn't even finish touring the entire facility!

Just one area of the garden

Water lilly pond

One of the many catfish burrowing in the pond

You don't need to guess to see who this guy(holding SB coffee) is:p
That is Lobelia large form emersed BTW.

A ciqulid pair

Just one of the many hundreds of dragonflies perching

A not-so small Bacopa field

Bacopa flower close-up

Weird looking moss( we thought it was Riccia at first)

Looks to be a large sunfish

Isoetes sp; kindda rare according to Luis

Isoetes close-up

Hungry for some pollen

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Don't ya just love it??!! I go outside most days and walk around the yard looking at all my perennials, just enjoying the blooms. All the different echinaceas (sp?) are beautifu.l

Funny that you should post the lobelia. I just planted some "Lobelia Cardinalis" (and I quote from the tag) in my garden. It is full sun, a red leafed plant with red blooms. It looks like what you have posted but redder. Wonder if there is any relationship at all between all these plants with similar names?

Here is a px of it. It's a little wilted since it was just planted and it's been so hot here. :D
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