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Rex-style CO2 reactor - fits 12/16mm tubing (I know it fits eheim 2217 tubing) - $12
100wt heater - $8

Timers - $4 each

Cascade bio-rings 10oz - $4

Eheim Surface extractor (small piece (1/4 inch)of intake strainer removed to fir air-tubing) - $12

Marineland Siphon Kleen 'large' NIB - $4

Rea Sea pH test kit NIB - $3

HBH Tropical Flake Frenzy enhanced with earthworm - 1/4 lb (2 available) - $3
HBH Spirulina Algae wafers - 1/4 lb (4 available)- $3.50
San Francisco Bay freeze dried bloodworms 1/2oz NIP - $3
Omega One freeze dried brine shrimp 0.67oz NIP - $3
Omega One sinking shrimp pellets 2.15oz NIP - $2

Free to good home with purchase (just ask):
sunset hygrophila
Instant Ocean hydrometer
any / all random impellers

Shipping charges based on weight, but obviously no more than what a flat rate box costs (if necessary). PM me what you want, and I can weigh and get a USPS quote.

Non cc Paypal preferred, but can accept cc if you want to pay the fees. Money order is also an option. Will ship day after getting payment.

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if anyone medicated food, freeze dried food is a great method to do it. soaks the meds right up and fish will be happy to eat is (given that the med to food ratio isnt too high).

BUMP for a fellow C'bus hobbyist!
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