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Beautiful scape, zeneo, and beautiful rocks.

Yeah, why'd you remove the rock in the back? It looked good.

Also, can you please share your specs?

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Many thanks to all for the nice comments


The red plant peaking on the right is a Nesaea crassicaulis

gravy9 and Phill

I removed the big rock on the right because in the beginning I wanted to plant around it some Didiplis diandra so therock didn't look so big, but it died in the first week, I have some issues about my very hard tap water and some plants are a bit difficult to raise.
The Didiplis it wasn't in the best conditions and with some unbalanced parameters in the beginning It died. Therefore, I removed the big rock because I didn't had at the time other plant to replace the didiplis. I'm just experimenting some other plants to see what it gets. I don't thick that the Nesaea is the right one for that place. I've also in that place some Echinodorus but for now I'm just waiting to see how it gets.

Tank: 80x40x40 - 128 L
Filter: Fluval 104
Heater: 100Watt
Co2: Pressurized
Light: DIY 140 Watt - 2x24Watt PLL + 2x36Watt PLL + 20Watt

Seachem Fluorite Black
White sand

Hardscape: Schist rocks

Caridina Japonica
Neon Tetra

Hemianthus callitrichoides
Hemianthus Micranthemoides
Rotala Sp Green
Christmas Moss
Anubias nana petit
Cabomba furcata
Nesaea crassicaulis


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Thank you for the comment stepheus

The cabomba its not supposed to be that high for a nice shot, but I'm a bit lazy with the camera .:D
By the time I was watting for it to grow to divide it a litle more. But it's quite a challenge to keep it in the right size and bushy ;).

Now, and not for the first time, I'm having a lot of issues with this plant and I did'nt found the cause yet. It grows ok, than suddenly looses the new leaves, they get white and die in a few days, the rest of the plant stays ok.

Some rotala I think I will put in the right side in place of the nesaea. this one I think with it's big leaves don't look so good. Has you said, bigger plants in the back, make all the aquascape look smaller.

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Click on the photo for larger size.


Didn't understood well your question, my English is not so good. But I suppose you want to know why I use a fast growing plant like the furcata. It's not because I have algae issues but only for choice, it is really a nice looking plant that I like a lot, but I agree it doesn't fit well in the layout. Maybe I will change it for another with smaller leaves.

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If you ever decide you want a replacement for the Cabomba you could use Rotala Wallichii. You would still get your great color, fine leaves, but on a scale that would compliment your other plants. Just an idea. I really like your white sandy beach. :D

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Finally the update :-|

In the past weeks I've been fighting some bba. My tap water was about 30ppm of Nitrate and more than 5ppm of phosphate and I found it to late. My fault…I prefer to keep the tests in the closet and therefore I only found the problem too late.:-&

So, I had to stop the water changes, fertilization, pruning, etc.

Now it's everything ok but I'm more in the mood to make another layout besides pruning this one. Some new ideas are coming to my mind and I don't think I have the patience to wait.:-\"

The ugly bba

With the high nitrates this Echinodorus quadricostatus came from the back at high speed.

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