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I got into a discussion with an individual a while ago about algae control. We tossed a bunch of ideas back and forth. We agreed on a few points and disagreed about others. I told him that, when in doubt, that if you address the needs of the plants, algae problems "magically" go away.

I asked him if he had ever seen lush, rapid, healthy plant growth in a tank where algae were out of control. I don't think I've ever seen this in my own tanks. I've had my share of algae issues and each and every time the plants weren't doing so well at the time. My own simple formula (without exerting too many brain cells) goes something like this: Happy plants = no algae. Stressed plants = algae.

At times it becomes a viscous cycle. Plants stop growing nicely, algae develops, some plants become smothered by algae and die, the quantity of dead and dying material in the aquarium gets out of control, and algae problems get even worse. In these situations I have the best luck with a good substrate & filter cleaning, drastic hacking away of any un-healthy plant material, a 50% WC, and resumption of a careful and consistent fert program.

Even then it usually takes two or three weeks for a problem tank to come around.

Has anyone here observed healthy, happy plants in the midst of a full-blown algae mess?
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