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A question on one of your offers.

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Robert, I was reading through the announcements on the forum here and I came across the one that said that you are offering free shipping to APC members when they order from your site. For future reference, how does one go by letting you know that they are a member here when ordering?
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When you place an order at AquaBotanic the confirmation screen has a comments box where you can type that you're a member along with your screen name.
I believe that its free ground shipping, which means it may take an extra few days to arrive.
Yes, it is free ground shipping. Most people would not want to send plants by UPS ground, but equipment, dry goods and so forth is a different story.

However, I have decided to end that offer. I will continue to accept it until the end of the month for anyone who asks for it, but not beyond that.
Do you think hornwort would make it fine ground shipping? We're pretty close, Oregon to California. THanks,

I would guess probably, but I make no promises. The plants are guaranteed if shipped 2day or overnight, and you only have to pay the cost of shipping the replacements, and that is for 90 DAYS afer you recieve them. Ground to California from Oregon should only take 2 or 3 days, but UPS won't guarantee it. Why take the chance. I sent Gomer something by Priority mail and it took NINE DAYS to arrive, and he is in California. Better safe than sorry.

But quite honestly, unless you want a bunch of other plants as well, Hornwort is SO common, and so inexpensive you should be able to get it most anywhere, your local store, or even Aquabid.
Luckily, even at 9 days, all the plants survived :)

Weather this time of year is very favorable to shipping...atleast on the shipping route from Robert to me LOL
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