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Hello again!
Hello. Hello. Hello. Anyone home? Come out Phil. I know you're in there! ;) Well, maybe you're not, though, since I saw you and your fiance out in the so called Real World, at the Atlanta Area Aquarium Association meeting so recently.

CO2: 10lb running through an AquaMedic 1000 reactor. This one may or may not be on a timed release system.
AFAIK, Phil, one's choices are either constant flow, day/night timed, to run only when the tank is lit, or pH controlled. Am I right? Which did you go with? How's that working for you?

Again, pics will be forthcoming. Planting will be starting on Friday so pics will be up Friday night and Saturday.
Yes, this is a pretty bumpish post, but you got my attention, and I'd sure like a glimpse of what has been happening with your tanks in the last couple of months. I hope you'll fight through the sense that any pics you post have to be perfect, and just throw something up.

(Oh, no, Mr. Bill! Now I've pointed my finger and see the four pointing back at me, since I haven't even started a tank journal yet, and have had mine up in some form, since late January. Rats.)

Thanks for listening.
1 - 1 of 15 Posts
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