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I can offer advice on a couple of your questions.

1. From my experience with it, the zoomed 501 is a great filter! I use mine on a 5.5 gallon with good flow. You can place whatever media you like in the chamber. It should work very well for you.

5. As for possible fish, I really like the look of the small Rasboras. Look here for examples. I have the Boraras Briggitae and Boraras Merah, and they are great fish. Very lively, peaceful, and they stay small. All the fish on that page will work with your tank, but some won't do well in large numbers with each other.

Also, if you do a search on this forum for nano fish, you can find huge lists of compatible species.

In my 5.5, I have a dwarf puffer, along with 2 otocinlus cats. It is a very amusing fish, but not compatible with anything except otos. YMMV.

Another option is shrimp. They look nice, and keep the tank clean. Again, take a look around here for species/ideas.

Your tank looks like it is off to a nice start, look forward to seeing it grow in. Good luck!
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