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About how many fish....

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About how many Ember Tetra's could i fit in a 20g long, moderately planted tank whose other inhabitants include 3 juliii corys, 4 otos and RCS?

Its probably alot because they only grow to be like 2 cms. but i was looking for a rough estimate
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I was thinking anywhere from 20-40, how does that sound?
It depends on a lot of things. How much waste they will produce, heaviness of planting, and filtration. I guess you could continue to add small amounts over the course of a few weeks and measure nitrate levels to see if you're tank can handle that many fish. What kind of filtration do you have on your tank?
I would go with about 10-12. But as bender said would depend on your filtration.
I do water changes weekly and 20 would be good for that care, IME. HTH!
Well i'm getting a Ehiem 2213 for xmas, and i have 28 as of right now with two filters running on the tank. moderately planted.

So far i dont have any ammonia issues or anything of that flavor yet, so we'll see how it goes

(Aqua Clear 30, and a Rena 55 Smartfilter)
1 - 6 of 6 Posts
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