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NEVER hold large amounts of anything but WATER over your tank. Let this be a lesson for other people. I bring the MEASURED dose to the tank. Never measure the dose OVER the tank. This is actually basic baking and cooking common sense.

Have you tested the nitrate levels? If they are within reason you are fine. Not sure why the tank is white. KNO3 dissolves into a colorless solution. You say you have the UV running but don't have any power, how can this be? I would guess that the problems in the tank are more related to the power loss than anything else. Can you give us a better time-line of events?

When did you drop the KNO3 into the tank?
When did you lose power?
How long were you without power?

Dead fish can and will cause a bacterial bloom in a tank with no water movement or filtration.

If the tank is pretty much a total loss you can just dump and restart. If you go with the Florabase let us know how you like it. The LFS was trying to sell it to me but I was not impressed with the color or how soft the material was. I could crush it between my fingers.
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