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I w as dosing my tank with KNO3 and the whole bag fell in. It was wet and in a slurry but i didn;t think much got into the tank. The tank has since turned white... i do 90% W/C every two days but its still white. UV is on. I'm sure i will get through this but i have lost power at the house where the tank is and the surface is covered in scum and smells odd. Most of the fish have died (Not Surprisingly). Has anyone else ever done this?

Would it be best to just Resetup the tank. I have been thinking of replacing with Florabase a lot lately.
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I use Florabase a lot in other tanks. I like it more than Flourite / Floramax. Eco complete looks good but i cannot get it at a discount... Florabase is half the cost for me.

Wednesday Is the accident. Thursday when i woke up white tank, so i did a 90% wc. Friday Left it alone. Saturday Hurricane no power. Sunday Hurricane no power. Monday No power. Tuesday no power. Fish kill throughout this time.

The most i cook is a can of tuna fish or some eggs :p. Good lesson to learn.

I have no Test kits that are not out dated. UV of course is off when power is out.

Plant are looking healthy from what i can see. Good coloration. If the power is out any longer i will have to restard anyway. My dad has lost $800 dollars worth of marine fish from the last hurricane.
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