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acclimatising fish and plants

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how do you acclimatise fish and plants to your tank to reduce stress yes I did mean plants .they . need to be acclimatised the best tips ,will make up an article many thanks for your help peter bradley :idea:
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i usually float new plants in my tank for a day or so after recieving them in the mail. This seems to help. For fish, it depends. With sensitive species I always drip them over for about a half hour to 45 min. Hardy species I just float the bag for 20 min and them net them out and drop them in the tank.
Floating the bag is a common practise, but not a good one. While floating acclimates them to temp changes it may also introduce pathogens to your tank. (We all know the great care our LFS take in removing dead fish and keeping their tanks healthy :( ) Water that was on the bag when you got your fish may have bacteria and or other nasties that can get into your tank. For fish have an empty bucket handy with no chemicals in it. Wrap the lid around the bucket and rubberband in. Slowly add some tank water into the bag over the next hour. Then remove the bag and hold. Add some tankwater into the bucket and dip the fish into it from the bag. After 10 min you should be able to release. (This method is by far not as good as having a quarantine tank but pretty effective nonetheless) New fish should be quarantined for at least 2 weeks.
I never mentioned dumping the water from the bag into the tank....I thought everyone knew not to do that, but I dont see any harm in floating the bag in the tank and netting the fish out.
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