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I work with acrylic at one of my jobs (making tanks/sumps). Here's the pointers I can offer:

If you can get a wet table saw(stuff heats up pretty well) with a grinding blade, that works well.

For tanks, building a rim on the top of the tank provides extra support. A support brace is always a good idea if you've got a long tank. Becareful about building tall tanks with acrylic. The taller the tank, the more pressure is put on the seems and panes and you'll have to use thicker acrylic. When in doubt, use thicker acrylic. If the acrylic is too thin the tank will bow. Be 1000% your welds are perfect.

If you can find a local plastics supply company you should be able to get sheets of acrylic at a reasonable price. Bulding supply places might have it as well.

If you somehow scratch the acrylic, take a heat gun or blow torch to it, the scratch will "melt out."

One last thing to keep in mind: cutting acrylic is very bad for your health, it causes cancer. Wear a mask when cutting.

I'm no where near an "acrylic expert" but the guy I work for is. If you have any questions that Art can't answer, ask me and I'll see what I can find out.
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