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Hi guys,

Question about actinic lights, just as the title says. I know this has been talked about, so please don't yell at me, as I did do the search. Problem is, I can't find any definitive answers. Basically, from everything I've read, I see 2 opinions.
1. Actinic lights do absolutely nothing for freshwater plants and are only used for aesthetic purposes.
2. Actinic lights will cause algae.

I have a 20gal setup with dual-bulb setup of 65W 6,700k/10,000k. I have these lights on for 8 hours a day and I'm dosing with Seachem ferts following the dosing schedule they provided on their site.
The lighting fixture also has Dual Actinic 420nm/460nm setup, which I would like to use at night time after the daylight lights go off.

So the question is will I have problems with my tank if I do this? Does the photosynthesis continue in freshwater plants with actinic lights?

Thank you very much.
well you answered your question about photsynthesis with opinion 1, and as supersmirky mentioned, it causes algae. he's also correct in saying that having the actinic bulbs on after your photoperid, will mess up your fish's internal clock.

a few people have asked if these bulbs can be used for a night light. the short answer is no. it's still a regular bulb, just at a different spectrum than what is needed for plants. it's like having a desk lamp pointed at your face when you're trying to go to sleep.

why not look into setting up a proper night light with a single LED lamp? many people do that here using a blue LED, and it gives you just the amount of light to view your tank, and it does not disturb the fish anywhere near like the actinic bulb.
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