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Actinic are SW bulbs. They are designed to replicate deep ocean light.
They emit light at a specific wavelength > 460 nanometers. If you look at the gif below you will see that this is just beyond the spectal action for chlorophyll photosynthesis.

Sure, you will get some plant growth as most 10000K bulbs have light emissions within the range for plants to easily photosynthesise. The added blue light will also cause DOC-bound iron to be released via photoreduction of iron into a form easily consumable by algae.

Look at what the europeans are using for light: 4000K to 5000K and some 6000K but rarily ever exceeding 6000K. It must be that most Americans prefer the asthetics of a high kelvin light. I for one believe we are still chasing the europeans in the plant tank field; in both equipment, knowledge and artistry.
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