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I am selling the last of my ADA equipment. This is a 60-P set up with ADA black wooden stand and:

Cube Garden 60-P
ADA Pollen Glass Large
ADA Lily Pipe Outflow (P4-13mm)
Milwaukee CO2 regulator and controller for a complete CO2 distribution and management set up.
5 Lb. steel brushed finish CO2 Tank, new and never used. Bought from AquariumPlant.COM
Coralife Dual 24 inch light fixture with 2 x 65 watt 6700K light bulbs
EHEIM Model 2232 filter.

It is literally a complete system. You can grow any type of aquatic plant with the environment that can be created with this kind of system. When I assembled this equipment, it cost new over $1800.00. The ADA Black Wood stand is $700.00 on it's on! You can't find a better product though.

Total cost to the buyer, $750.00!
Successful buyer will also pay shipping.

I am selling as a "System", and if I can't find an interested buyer, I will donate to the local junior HS science lab.

I am getting out of the hobby for a few years while I get 4 kids through college!

Thanks so much for looking and please respond with a private message if interested.


1 - 4 of 4 Posts
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