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Hi all,

Some exciting news for us aquarist over here in the UK. We are finally look enough to have a dedicated aquascaping outlet in the UK. They have an online shop as well as a physical shop in the North of England. Have a look here . They are working on behalf of ADA and are now their sole distributors in the UK. ADA approached them with the offer. It a worthy position they hold.

Its clear that ADA feel there is now the business and building blocks in the UK to justify such a move.
I am a co-founder of . We are holding a Ukaps/The Green machine/ADA day this December. We are not sure on who will be coming from ADA as yes, but my suspicions are that it will be some one from ADA Italy. They will be doing a demonstration in TGM to talk about their products and demonstrate some aquasaping techniques. The numbers are limited so you may have missed out on getting there and being part of it.

It just shows that the UK is chomping at the heals of the rest of the world. So watch out fellow aquascapers, you will soon me meeting your match from good old blighty. ;)
The UK has done very well this year in the ADA and no doubt the ADG competition, notably the result from Peter Kirwin at 15th in the ADA, and a fellow UKaps member.

If you would like to follow the outcome of the ADA day, have a look on the Green Machine forum section on the website.

Just wanted to share that from an excited aquascaper!

Graeme Edwards.
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